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Battisti Management Affiliates is a highly regarded, multi-disciplined consulting consortium of practitioners, recognized as a premier provider of creative avenues for change initiatives. Our client/partners include: large and small corporations and industries, non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and governmental agencies.


We provide services within the following content areas:​​

  • Positive Psychology: Happiness, Gratitude and Appreciative Inquiry

  • Management and Leadership Skill Development

  • Counseling Skill Development

  • Strength-based Leadership

  • Resilience Training

  • Nutritional and Health Enhancement

  • Reimagining Retirement

Services: Projects
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Appreciative Inquiry is a dynamic process-oriented perspective that assumes that organization are living organisms which are healthiest when they are focused on their positive, life-enhancing aspects.  This approach can be applied to organizational culture, strategic planning, on-going training and other transformative initiatives.

  • “Developing a Resilient Mindset for Health Care Team Members”

  • “The Resilient Leader: Guiding Your Organization in Times of Crisis and Change”

  • "The Janus Series | Are we Ready to Create our Next Chapter?”

  • “If You Are Not a Little CRAZY You Cannot Come Into My House"

  • “Developing a Resilient Lifestyle in Difficult Times: Skills for Caregivers.”

  • “Lessons Learned | Getting ready for the Future”

  • “A Psychological Framework for Supporting Staff Facing Crisis”

  • “The Janus Series | Taking the Best of What We Know and Creating the Future We Need.”

  • “Developing a Resilient Lifestyle in Difficult Times”

  • “A Strategic Planning Summit Using Appreciative Inquiry”

  • “Self-Care for Professionals”

  • “Developing a Resilient Mindset to Lead the Life we Want in Retirement”

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