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The Zone - Volume 127

How do I deal with the uncertainties of the Holidays?

A few years ago, as a family adventure activity, we participated in a Tough Mudder (a ten-mile obstacle course in the Texas mud.) We found ourselves in the middle of Texas, with 100 plus degrees in the scorching sun. We had all trained for this event, mostly in Upstate New York weather, and we were excited to test our abilities and stamina. What started as a fun activity, soon became one of determination and teamwork. After climbing up a ladder, that took us to a 20-foot-high diving board, we found ourselves on the edge of a 20-foot drop, preparing to jump into the muddy water below. Turning back was not an option. The only way to move forward was to take the plunge. It was also at this moment that the seven of us realized we had prepared for this event, knew that there would be continuing obstacles and that we had each other for support. We knew that we could do it.

The unknown of the future is challenging. We prepare for it, we build our supports around us and, as every new day brings a new plunge, we need to keep in mind that we have this. Like a Tough Mudder the holidays can sometimes be muddy but we need to draw from our supports and the history that we have created and success of training that have brought us to this point.

Like the Tough Mudder, with holidays there are times when people carry us and other times when we carry them. Knowing that others are there for us is foundational to trusting that we can reach our goals.

Here are some thoughts for dealing with uncertainty during the holidays:

  • Plan ahead and create comforting activities.

  • Connect with family and friends who are close to you.

  • Accept your feelings.

  • Give. Sometimes giving to others creates personal comfort.

  • Acknowledge those who have passed.

  • Create your own rituals.

  • Enjoy holiday treats and limit over doing it.

  • Keep your body in motion.

  • Be aware of alcohol use.

Although life can bring untold challenges, it also brings moments of joy and incredible peace.


Key Takeaways

  • Obstacles are part of the journey.

  • Life can be muddy.

  • No individual stands alone.

Best Practices

  • Acknowledge your strengths and abilities.

  • If you need to call a friend, do so.

  • Keep challenging yourself.

Things to Limit

  • Isolating yourself.

  • Trying to do too much.

  • Forgetting to practice self-care.


Quote of the Week

“You dream, you plan, you reach. There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, with belief, with confidence and trust in yourself and those around you, there are no limits.”

~Michael Phelps


As in previous years the holidays will come and go. There will continue to be muddy waters and obstacles. It is important to plan, prepare and keep your supports close.

We will be spending time with our family over the next few weeks so the next volume of The ZONE will be published on January 10, 2023

Our very best to you and your loved ones for Happy Holidays and a Bountiful New Year!

Be well,

The paraDocs

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The paraDocs are Dr. Francis L. Battisti, PhD, Psychotherapist, Distinguished Psychology Professor and former Executive V.P and Chief Academic Officer and Dr. Helen E. Battisti PhD, RDN, CDN, Chief Nutrition Officer, at SpNOD, Health Promotion Specialist, Research and Clinical Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and former Assistant Professor.

We have developed "The ZONE", because that is exactly where you want to be during this pandemic. A place of focused attention to doing exactly what needs to be done to get you to where you need to be. The purpose of The Zone is to provide a nationally distributed weekly mental-health and nutrition tip-sheet during times of change.

If you would like to get copies of The ZONE that you may have missed or if you know someone that would like to start receiving The ZONE, please signup today... It's free and you can unsubscribe anytime.

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